How to Help

Get Involved And Inspired! Support our life saving efforts. Whether you have 5 minutes a week or 5 weeks, volunteering your time can be a very rewarding experience. Reach out to your community and inspire others to help spread the word. Health groups and government agencies are doing everything they can with the budgets they're given. The rest is up to us. Listed below are a few ideas to help get you started. If there is anything our organization can do to help you spread the word, please let us know!

Tell A Friend

Talk to everybody you know - family, friends, neighbors, teachers, church groups, civic groups and civic leaders. Let's not keep radon a secret. Everybody needs to know the facts about radon and word of mouth is the best way to promote Radon Awareness.

Tell Your Town

January is National Radon Awareness Month and most States also have a Radon Awareness Week during the month of October. Two great times to make sure your local newspapers, radio and television stations are making announcements to tie in with the national campaigns. Since they normally give it very little air time or ad space, make sure they mention this site for those that want more information. Radon needs to be talked about every day, but for the twice a year we're given, we need to double our efforts and capitalize on the extra publicity.

Tell The World

The internet may just be one of the most powerful tools ever invented for sharing information like ours. Anytime you or a family member sends an e-mail, have this site listed as a link. Make it as easy as possible for others to learn about radon. If you visit other web sites that are helpful to our communities, ask them if they would list this site on theirs. Every visitor matters - every effort helps.

Be Proud & Be Loud

If you've tested your home and the results were low, tell everyone you meet and ask them what their radon levels are. If they don't know, ask them why not. If you did have high radon levels in your house and you had it fixed, brag a little and see if they've tested. If you found a radon specialist that you were particularly happy with, pass that company's name on to as many people as you can...they'll be more likely to have the problem fixed if you've already taken the time to find someone that they can trust as well.

Call Or Write

Tell your local, State and Federal Representatives that you know about radon and so should they. Ask them to do more to help promote awareness about the most dangerous, deadly and preventable environmental carcinogen ever found in homes. This problem is not going away and our government needs to do more to prevent our exposure to radon. Encourage them to provide more funding to the health departments and agencies that are trying so hard to increase public awareness. Also ask your representatives to require new home builders in your area to install radon removal systems during construction. Some areas already require them to be installed during construction as part of the local building codes, but not nearly enough.

Organize A Meeting

Sponsor an event. Arrange for a radon specialist or health official in your area to talk to groups in your community. School groups, church groups, business groups and charitable groups are often looking for speakers to attend their meetings. Have the local media announce the event.

Classroom Activities

Ask your local school to test and encourage student participation by getting an entire class to test their homes. Maybe have the teacher post the results on a neighborhood map to show comparisons and discuss the health effects of radiation. This is a great way to learn about radon while getting the message out to parents. At some point during 12 years of education, our children should be taught more about cancer than just "Don't Smoke." They also need to know the second most avoidable way to die from cancer and that 12% of all cancer deaths are attributed to radon exposure. They need to know how easily it can be tested for and avoided.

Awareness Ribbons, etc.

Several items are available to help promote radon awareness on our "Test Kits" page. The more often and the more ways people hear about radon, the more effective our message becomes.

Give Away Test Kits

Especially to friends, neighbors and loved ones. A great present that shows you care.

Tell Your Friends

It's worth repeating. If we each tell everyone we know and they tell everyone they know, we can save thousands of lives every year. Please help make our message heard. Together, we CAN make a difference.

Other Ideas?

Please let us know so that we may post it here.

Protecting Your Family Is Easy... Learn the Facts, Test your Home. If a Problem is Found, Fix It.

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